Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handmade Pretzels by Tastelishes

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Serve something special and make the fluffiest Pretzels you have ever had with natural ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe from Tastelishes. Pretzels are lower in calories than chips and crackers. It's the perfect afternoon snack and most definitely a crowd pleaser. They are delicious when consumed plain and extra tasty when cut in half and buttered. Bavarians serve delicious sweet mustard to their fresh Pretzels. The recipe for easy-made sweet mustard can be found at Tastelishes or on the bottom of this site.

Raw dough, shaped into a Pretzel, dipped into a simple Lye, sprinkled with salt, and proofed:

Recipe for sweet mustard: Makes 1 small bowl

300 grams yellow mustard (10.1 oz)
1 TBS fresh black pepper
1 tsp. ground pimento or allspice
180 grams white fine granulated sugar, or less, to taste (6.4 oz)
1 TBS salt, fine granulated
1 tsp. ground curcuma
dash of white vinegar

Mix everything together in a serving bowl until well blended.

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