Tastelishes eBooks

14 photo-illustrated themed Tastelishes eBooks showcase gorgeous, easy-to-follow recipes. Enjoy Life. Eat Tastelishes. Available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Tastelishes Hors d'Oeuvre: Gourmet Style   Tastelishes Cupcake Revolution: Ultimate Pleasures

 Tastelishes Modern Cake Decor: Fashionable Toppings & Fillings  Tastelishes Cake Buffet: New Trend Recipes

Tastelishes Dream Cakes: Heavenly Light   Tastelishes Salad Bouquet: A Four Season Variety

Tastelishes Sweets & Desserts: Irresistible Temptations   Tastelishes Side Dish Delight: Festive Traditions

Tastelishes Christmas Cookies & More: Festive Baking   Tastelishes Dips & Sauces: Classic Party Favorites

Tastelishes Home Cooking: With Natural Food        

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