Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Promotion

"Tastelishes Cupcake Revolution - Ultimate Pleasures" is currently 40 % off with the coupon code WC34N exclusively at Smashwords. The coupon expires on July 8. Don't miss out on this great opportunity! The coupon will be applied at check-out.
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Discover the variety of Tastelishes cupcakes and serve Cappuccino cupcakes with Tiramisu swirls, cupcakes Black Forest-style, Nutella cupcakes, sugar-free Pizza-inspired cupcakes, dazzling Indian-spiced cupcakes, Meringue toppings, and much more to choose from. All recipes are full-color photo-illustrated. Tastelishes cupcakes are made from scratch with natural ingredients - sweet satisfaction with a healthier approach.

Tastelishes recipes feature both simple and extraordinary dishes that tempt the palate and delight the senses to create memorable moments that last a lifetime.

14 photo-illustrated themed Tastelishes eBooks showcase gorgeous, easy-to-follow recipes. Enjoy Life. Eat Tastelishes. Available at Amazon and Smashwords.

Tastelishes eBook with recipes to create gourmet-style appetizers like Blini with caviar.    Tastelishes Home Cooking with Natural Food.    Tastelishes recipes on baking fresh bread with a denser texture and a crisp crust, easy homemade sourdough and more.    Tastelishes recipes on cooking delightful festive side dishes.    Tastelishes recipes for cooking hearty and healthy soups.    Tastelishes recipes on refreshing salads and a homemade versatile tangy vinaigrette.    Tastelishes recipes for classic dips and sauces.     Tastelishes bakes the ultimate cupcakes like a Cappuccino Cupcake with a light Tiramisu cream finish or a Red Velvet Cupcake with a Black Forest-style topping, Nutella cupcake, Pizza cupake and more.    Tastelishes recipes for baking heavenly Dream Cakes like a light Bee Sting.     Tastelishes new recipes for baking trendy cakes.    Tastelishes recipes on baking classic cakes from scratch.    Tastelishes Sweets and Desserts. Recipes to create irresistible temptations.    Tastelishes eBook with recipes for cake toppings and fillings like Tastelishes crocant, buttercream and more.    Tastelishes baking Christmas Cookies and more festive baking.

All writing, illustrations, and photography is Copyright Tastelishes 2013, unless indicated otherwise, and may not be reproduced. All rights reserved.

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